Garry Moore

Other Stuff

LEGO Creations

A small LEGO creation showing an explorer on a strange mountain.

I've grown up surrounded by LEGO bricks, and have built tons of models with them. Unfortunately, I never really took pictures of them until recently. You can see the LEGO models I've photographed in this Flickr album. However, it must be noted that a couple of these models were actually built my brother Greg. (You can see more models my brother and I have built in the LEGO stop motion short films we've created over the years.)

Web Design

Other than this glorious website, you can see the web design work I did in a class I took at Diablo Valley College right here.

Some lines of HTML code...

"Ben's Insectivores"

Although most of my experience in film so far has been with animated material, I have also done some live action work, most notably this short documentary: