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Garreth (Garry) Moore

ARTDM 171-3607: Introduction to Web Design

Spring 2016

My Career Goals

I would like to get a job in the film industry. I'm not entirely sure what kind of job (most positions are at least fairly interesting to me), but my primary fields of interest are cinematography, visual effects, and animation. I’m also interested in graphic design.

Most of what I've learned about web design up until now has been from using services like Wordpress and Weebly, where all of the actual coding is done for you (or at least, that’s the way I used them). I've probably learned 90% of what I know about the subject while I've been in this class. I did work a bit with the Liberty BASIC language a while ago, though, so coding isn’t completely alien to me.

Trying to make a website in the past was frustrating, not knowing anything about HTML or CSS. I didn’t want to just use a template, because then my website wouldn’t look very unique, and I didn’t want to pay for a nicer, probably more unique one. So that’s why I’m taking this class. I mainly hope to learn how to make a simple, awesome-looking online portfolio. It will also be great to get a little more familiar with the process of coding in general, because it seems like a really, really helpful skill to have.


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