Garry Moore


LEGO Stop Motion

My brother Greg and I have made a number of LEGO stop motion shorts over the years. We use the name TwickABrick Productions for our "animation company" and YouTube channel. I did all or pretty much all of the animation in these videos besides in some of the really early ones. My brother and I collaborate on almost everything else (script writing, set building, editing, etc.). While most of our work was created using an old webcam and free capture software, we have recently started shooting with a DSLR and the professional stop motion software Dragonframe.

Motion Graphics

I've also created a fair amount of motion graphic work and have become experienced with Adobe After Effects.

Computer Animation

Finally, I've experimented a little bit with computer animation using the free software Source Filmmaker. I haven't used it much, but I've uploaded some tests on my personal YouTube channel. It should be noted that I didn't make any of the 3D models; all I did was animate them.