Garry Moore

Hi! I’m an animator, editor, and filmmaker. Occasionally I draw and do graphic design-ish stuff also. Want to get in contact? Otherwise, hope you enjoy your time on this site!

Stop Motion

Alongside my brother, Gregory Moore, I've been creating LEGO stop motion short films for well over ten years now. For all but our oldest projects, I have served as animator while Greg assists primarily in writing and set building. These are some of the highlights of our filmography, the rest of which can be seen on our YouTube channel, which over the years has gained over 3,000 subscribers.


This short was the first-place winner of Bricks in Motion's 2018 Movie Magic contest. The contest's theme encouraged utilizing practical solutions for effects that would often be handled using CGI, so Greg and I set out to build a huge rig with our LEGO collection that would allow us to easily animate a series of brick-built waves. For more information on how we created this film, check out the behind the scenes video.


Last year, my brother and I wrote, animated, and edited this short entirely in one week as an entry to BRAWL - an annual, week-long contest that we've entered for the past eight years.

Live Action


This is my first serious attempt at making a proper live action short. I started writing it alongside my brother Greg Moore and friend Adrian Aguilera in late 2018, and then decided to go about directing it during my last semester at San Francisco State University in Spring 2019. I completed a version for SFSU in May, but we filmed additional material throughout the year and finally finished it in December 2019.

Motion Graphics

"The Road"

Perhaps my most ambitious motion graphics project, this short animation serves as a visualization of a passage from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. I started it back in 2016, then abandoned it, picked it back up a few times, and finally finished it in 2019. In retrospect, some of it isn’t super stylistically consistent, but I learned a lot working on it.

"Glen Hansard on Staying Open"

This kinetic typography piece was created for a class project in 2017, using audio from an interview with Glen Hansard on Off Camera with Sam Jones. Instead of using different fonts to emphasize the individual word meanings, I challenged myself to just use one font and relied only on unique animations and text stylings to keep things dynamic.